The Blessings and Burdens of being Black

These burdens remain. One of the first blogs I published when I began this journey.  Originally shared February 2015.

Precious Predilections

burdenA burden by definition is a load that is especially heavy for one to carry. A blessing, on the contrary, is a beneficial thing for which one is grateful.  Is it feasible for someone to be grateful for a load that is especially heavy for them to carry?  I submit to you that it depends on the load.  There is not a day that I rise that I am not grateful that God made me a Black woman.  This is true.  I am honored and proud to be Black.  But there is another truth; and it is that I’ve had some negative experiences as a direct result of being Black.

Today I would like for readers to reflect upon a burden that is carried and rarely spoken of.  It is the burden of being Black.  In the same vein, I ask readers to identify blessings of being Black.  I have…

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I am a proud southerner turned foodie who loves people more than I love good food and a good read. I candidly share my predilections [bias, leaning, weakness & predisposition] on this blog.

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