Still Dripping

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I loathe moments where I am dripping wet and “partially dry.”  Moments when I’ve had to run to my car in the rain without an umbrella.  Or moments when I’ve finished a fantastic work out (like Insanity) and have yet to dry.  These moments are a bit frustrating.  My body is screaming for relief because it knows and longs for the mediocrity of comfort.  Nothing less, nothing more, than dry garments.

As Easter draws near, many around the world have given Jesus Christ the center stage once again.  Millions will gather in churches and hear accounts of the resurrection.  How Christ overcame death on a cross and rose from the dead in 3 days! This truth should be sobering and exhilarating at the same time for the one who has decided to trust in Christ.  Sobering because the death of Christ was not short and sweet, but deliberate and cruel.  Exhilarating because Christ ACTUALLY OVERCAME DEATH.  Death – the thing that grips our hearts so tightly because of our deep longing for the continued physical presence of those we love.  Death – the thing that looms in the future, but none of us can ever prepare our hearts for.  Death – the thing that also brought us life.

I recall a Pastor communicating that biblical principles are not intuitive; in fact He said that they are just plain ‘ole backwards.  As in, you would not normally behave this way…ever!  For instance, “…love your enemies and do good to those who hate you.”(Luke 6:27).  Or how about, “Whoever tries to make his life secure will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.” (Luke 17:33).  The counter intuitive nature of biblical principles remind me that I am powerless to consistently obey them without Christ.  And this is where our understanding of His very natural death and its production of an opportunity for a supernatural life (Him dwelling within us) is critical.   Christ died so that we could have life – eternal life.  He also died so that we could live life that has been reconciled back to Him. (Ephesians 2:13).  But repentance (turning away from sin and trusting in Jesus) is not a one-time event and Lordship (allowing Christ to be master of your life) is not just another trendy idea.  There is a real cost and freedom that comes with salvation for the believer.

I wonder what Christ felt like as He carried His own cross to His death.  He dripped with blood that would redeem our sins and grant us the opportunity to have a relationship with Him.  Drip. Drip. Drip.  All the way to Golgotha.  He became comfortable with being uncomfortable because reconciliation to the ones He loves (you and me) was closer than ever before.  Thinking about Christ and how He dripped blood (for me), not sweat, makes me want to live life mindful of His sacrifice.  I want to live out lent (LOL) all year long; not simply dedicate 40 days of the year to remember this unparalleled event.  In order to do this, I must continue to drip with the blood of the lamb.

Dripping is visible.  And the evidence of a changed life must visibly drip from us just as His blood did. Fellow believers and followers of Christ –  It is visible that we love Jesus when we obey His commands.  It is visible that the power of His blood exudes from us when we are loving, extending mercy to others, praying for our enemies, and allowing interruptions in our “busy schedule” for people and problems.  Let’s be sure not to count ourselves so busy that we walk out the door forgetting Christ’s agenda because we are holding too tightly to our own.  Christ wants us to be in the business of reconciliation.

Are you dripping?  Or are you dry?  Do people see you or do they see Christ?

“…Son of Man, I remember Your kindness
Son of Man, I remember Your love

Your mercy will be remembered forever
Your mercy will be remembered forever
Your mercy will be remembered forever

I still drip with the blood of the Lamb

We are trophies of Your mercy”

– excerpt of lyrics from Trophies of Mercy by Davy Flowers


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2 thoughts on “Still Dripping

  1. So we should ask ourselves, “Can one see the blood-drenched sacrifice of my Savior in how I live my life?” That’s an interesting juxtaposition from how His blood washes us clean, or washes us “white as snow.”

    His blood allowed for our sins to be removed from us/forgiven, yes; but, to your point, we must also cover ourselves with His blood continually so we can carry out His work of reconciliation on Earth. Great entry!

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